5 reasons Vets recommend Nexgard Spectra

By the Easy Protect team!

Australia is full of nasties, big and small, and while snakes, spiders and cane toads are dangerous in different parts of Australia - did you know that it's the tiny parasites (namely fleas, ticks, mites and intestinal worms) that are a top 3 reason for vet visits, with thousands of dogs admitted each year.

Thankfully, there are easy monthly chews that protect your dog against fleas, ticks and worms. The biggest of all of these parasite protection chews is Nexgard Spectra, recommended by Aussie Vets all over the country.

During our research at Easy Protect, we found that Nexgard Spectra was by far the most recommended product by Vets, including our own Vet Dr Tegan, and why we deliver Nexgard Spectra in our monthly flea tick and worming subscription. It's the go-to for Aussie dog owners from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne to the cape.

But why is Nexgard Spectra so popular in Australia?

Here are the top 5 reasons and why we deliver spectra each month to Aussie dog parents all over Australia, with a handy monthly subscription.

Reason 1: Nexgard is an easy to administer, fast-acting product.

Nexgard Spectra is a soft, beef-flavoured chew that is easy to administer when you consider the alternatives like shampoos, spot-ons sprays and collars.  

Nexgard Spectra comes in five different strengths for different sizes (or body weight of dogs), and kills fleas within just 8 hours, ticks within 2 days. One of the benefits, is that Spectra lasts 5 weeks for fleas - and a full month for ticks, including our deadly paralysis ticks on the East Coast, that are also making their way to the West Coast. So if you treat your dog once a month with a handy Nexgard Spectra subscription, like Easy Protect, your dog should be well protected against all major Fleas Ticks & Worms.  

It is, however, essential to treat your dog once a month, year-round, as fleas, ticks and worms do not die in winter. They simply find warmer homes - like your dog's fur and bed. Easy Protect makes it all easy!

Reason 2: Nexgard Spectra chews kill fleas, ticks and worms.

Up until Nexgard Spectra was released, giving your dog comprehensive protection used to require an array of products, which was super confusing.

Spectra was a game-changer, and although we take it for granted now, we need to appreciate just how easy and comprehensive this small parasite protection chew is. 

Of course, remembering to buy your dog's spectra and administer it each month requires messy reminders - and around 70% of Australians have failed to treat their pets on time, even with the treatments at home. That's where a flea tick & worming subscription makes life easy!

Reason 3: Spectra is effective for the entire 30 days.

There are products like Bravecto claiming to protect your dog for 90 days, but if you look at the timelines, it actually doesn't. So it's worth doing your own research on this - because if your dog is on Bravecto and it's working, we wouldn't necessarily recommend switching to Spectra. However, we recommend studying up on the Bravecto prevention times to make sure your dog is always covered.

Nexgard Spectra, on the other hand, covers all major Aussie parasites for a full 30-days, and for us, that gives it a considerable edge over Bravecto - even if you have to give it more often.

Reason 4. NexGard Spectra kills fleas before they lay eggs.

We've written a very comprehensive article on flea treatment for dogs. Still, it's important to reinforce that Spectra kills the adult female flea fast - breaking the flea life cycle that can otherwise be almost impossible to stop.

Fleas are beyond a nuisance. Adult females are recorded to lay 50 plus flea eggs per day, just days after taking their first blood meal, so imagine just how quickly your home and dog could be overtaken by fleas!

Fleas prefer to live on your dog, not humans, but rest assured they'll happily take a meal from you if they are hungry. But it’s hard for fleas to multiply without the protection and warmth of your dog's fur. 

The key, though, is that Nexgard Spectra breaks the flea lifecycle, and that's what's most important. be sure to check out Easy Protect, to make your dog's year-round protection super easy!

Reason 5. NexGard Spectra can protect puppies 8 weeks of age.

Puppies love to explore and get into anything and everything they can, including dead animals and poops - it's a little gross, but it's something we can't overlook or underestimate. And Nexgard Spectra is recommended by Vets for puppies 8 weeks of age and over. 

Protecting your puppy against worms is also crucial. Nexgard Spectra is an excellent all-around wormer using the active ingredient Milbemycin Oxime that protects against gut worms, lungworm disease, eye worms, hookworms, whipworms, roundworms and perhaps the most important, heartworms. Heartworms are the most deadly, and in a time gone, you would get a heartworm prevention shot at your local Vets each year. Some dog owners still do this, but there's really no reason.

Thankfully with products like Nexgard Spectra, you don't need to get a yearly heartworm shot anymore - Spectra covers it.

Bonus, reason 6: Nexgard Spectra is affordable.

When you consider that the cost of treatment at a Vet clinic for a paralysis tick, you're looking at somewhere between $5,000 - $15,000 in Australia, and the cost on your and your dog's health (the biggest one), it kind of makes the expenses of a flea tick and worming plan like Easy Protect irrelevant.  

With Easy Protect, we delivered your dogs first month of protection for just $10, and then it's only 87c a day delivered to your door!

The real saving, though, is in the peace of mind knowing that your dog's protection simply arrives each month - when it's due. It's a good feeling.

Still not sure about Nexgard Spectra?

Be sure to see our comprehensive article that goes deeper into what Spectra provides and what it doesn't. In Australia, it really is Australia's best flea tick and worming treatment available, and why it's the most recommended by Aussie Vets all over the country.

Be sure to check out Easy Protect too, we make Nexgard Spectra easier!

Australia's cheapest
& easiest Spectra!

Australia's cheapest
& easiest Spectra!

About the Author, Dr. Tegan and our petcare team.

Over 1,000 dogs a week go to Aussie Vet clinics - from owners forgetting their dog's parasite prevention. That's why Dr Tegan helped start Easy Protect, and her team love writing helpful articles for Aussie dog owners.

About the Author, Dr. Tegan and our petcare team.

Over 1,000 dogs a week go to Aussie Vet clinics - from owners forgetting their dog's parasite prevention. That's why Dr Tegan helped start Easy Protect, and her team love writing helpful articles for Aussie dog owners.